April 20: Critical Mass Bike E-Ride

Critical Mass is a bike ride when commuters get together and ride on the city's streets. We do it to educate fellow cyclists and drivers on how to safely and happily share the road. We will be virtually together, even though we are physically distancing.

What can you do? Ride your bike on Monday, April 20, on the roads and bike lanes near your home, to the grocery store, or for exercise. The main point - be safe, be visible, and enjoy your commute!

Here are some basic rules for the ride:

  • Wear a helmet
  • Use bike lights (front and back)
  • Follow the traffic rules as you ride
  • Be kind and respectful to whomever you encounter
  • Follow the public health recommendations

You can connect to other riders online through the Strava event: https://www.strava.com/clubs/601012/group_events/680208 and post a photo of your ride on social media with the hashtag #IFEarthDay. You are encouraged to comment about which roads you took, which were great for commuting, and which ones can use some improvement. Besides posting about your ride and route in the Critical Mass event, you can also help map where you saw hazards for cyclists or if you witnessed (which, hopefully, does not happen) any accident involving a cyclist by using the "Add a new marker" tool on the BikeMaps: https://bikemaps.org/

If you are new to bike commuting, see the map of Idaho Falls bike lanes (both existing and planned): https://www.idahofallsidaho.gov/DocumentCenter/View/1454/Recommended-Facilities-Map-PDF and some tips on how to commute by bike in Idaho: https://itd.idaho.gov/wp-content/Bike/2010_bicycle_commuter.pdf Enjoy and be safe!

April 21: Earth Week Seminar

50th Anniversary of Earth Day is a great time to learn and discuss. Join the Earth Week Seminar "Save the Planet, Save Humanity: Lessons from COVID-19" that will be given by Dr. David Adler from the Alturas Institute. https://www.alturasinstitute.com/new-page

The event will begin at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, April 21. How do you join? The details will be posted on the Idaho Falls Earth Day Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/events/453446885541397/

April 22: Earth Week Art Day

On Earth Art Day, you can join the fun and celebration by:

  • Making your unique creations around the theme "Sustainable Earth For the Future" as part of an art competition. (details below)
  • Seeing a local artist decorate Downtown Idaho Falls with Earth Day-themed chalk art
  • Getting inspired by art ideas that we will be posting during the day

Art for Earth: Join us by making unique creations themed around "Sustainable Earth For the Future. https://www.facebook.com/events/195749588247794/"

You can submit the work by sharing your art on Wednesday, April 22 by using the hashtag #IFEarthDay:

  • Photography
  • Videos (Live, TikTok – use any platform you like)
  • Fashion items
  • Fine arts (painting, sculpture)
  • Any other form of art!

Prizes will be awarded based on:

  • Most creative
  • Best use of materials
  • Best overall

in each age category:

  • Youth (12 and younger)
  • Teen (13-17)
  • Adult (18+)

The works of art that receive most "Likes" by Saturday, April 25 will be showcased in the ARTitorium on Broadway during the 2020 Gallery Walk in Idaho Falls.

April 23: Earth Week Locals

"Think globally, act locally," they say.

We are spending one of the days of Earth Day celebration by showcasing the organizations in our area that educate, help conserve the local resources and make Southeast Idaho a wonderful place to live.

We will be providing virtual tours of the organizations, links to their resources, and suggest ways how you can help support them during the physical distancing period. https://www.facebook.com/events/1492058807618940/

April 24: Earth Week Book Day

Reading is a wonderful way to learn and have fun, which is why we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day with books!

Join us for the Earth Book Day, during which you will:

  • Hear a virtual book reading by a local outdoors journalist Kris Millgate
  • Find great book suggestions for those who want to make the planet a better place at any age
  • Share your favorite books and quotes related to Earth Day and the environment. You can share your suggestions using the #IFEarthDay hashtag. https://www.facebook.com/events/281620569463887/

April 25: Plogging Challenge

Let's go plogging! Haven't heard of it before? This term stands for jogging + picking up trash. Come out any time on Saturday, April 25 and run your favorite routes or explore new routes while picking up the garbage that might be on your way. Run as long and as far as you want, but make sure that you leave the place better than you found it.

Connect to other ploggers by joining the Strava event: https://www.strava.com/clubs/601012/group_events/680211 and posting a photo of your clean up on social media using the hashtag #IFEarthDay. You are encouraged to let us know where you went for the cleanup, how much you picked up, and whether we should come back to pick up more. And enjoy the time outside!

You have a chance to become a citizen scientist as you are cleaning up the streets. Simply take a photo of the plastic using the Earth Challenge 2020 app, which will help scientists map the extent of plastic pollution. https://earthchallenge2020.earthday.org/

Please, be safe as you help make your environment cleaner. Practice physical distancing and other health guidelines to keep you and yours healthy.

Want to learn more about plogging? See this article about the Idaho Falls Trail Runners remove trash from the beautiful Idaho nature. https://www.idahomagazine.com/article/ploggers-for-the-planet/