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Big Questions

We know that Earth is constantly changing. Some of the changes happen quickly and some of the changes take years to occur. Changes are natural as Earth's spheres recycle their resources. But some changes occur because of decisions we make. You are the future caretakers of our planet and will have to work together to answer some big questions about how to keep our Earth healthy.

  • Why should I care about the Earth's health?
  • How does global environmental change affect me?
  • Do I have to make different choices in my every day routines?
  • Is there anything I can do to help endangered animals and plants?
  • How can technology be good for the environment?
  • How could we start saving paper at school?
  • What are some ways we could save energy?

You could also:

  • Draw a poster promoting Earth Day. Include a slogan to encourage people to take better care of the Earth.
  • Write down 10 words related to nature, then compose a poem including these words.

If you have an answer to the above questions, art or poetry you'd like to share with our community, please submit them to or mail them to Veolia, 120 Technology Drive, Idaho Falls, ID 83401. Answers will be published on the website. Selected submissions will appear in the Post Register's Ask a Scientist column (Tuesday edition). Thank you for working together to make a better future for everyone!

Submissions are due by Saturday, April 25th


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